Whether you're looking for a complete transformation of your garden or have specific improvements in mind, we can provide a service tailored to your needs.

The defining feature of The Small Garden Company is that we specialise in making the most of limited spaces. Our services include:

A comprehensive design service

Our service begins with an initial consultation to establish your requirements and preferences and draw up a design brief. We'll also discuss your garden's potential and any problems the design will have to overcome.

The Site Survey:- Space is at a premium in a small garden so it is vital to draw up an accurate scaled plan based on a careful survey of the site. Boundaries will be plotted, changes of level recorded and the position of garden structures and plants that are to be retained must be marked down. The path of the sun, exposed and sheltered positions, along with views of and from the garden, must all be noted. The soil will also be analysed.

Garden Layout Plan:- We then produce a scaled garden layout plan showing the main features of the garden. These will include elements of hard landscaping such as terraces, paths, walls, arches and buildings as well as areas of soft landscaping including planting areas, for example, as well as trees, lawn, and water. The client is consulted on an outline plan and then a final garden layout plan is drawn up setting out exactly how the garden is to be laid out and built.

Planting Plan:- A detailed planting plan will be produced for the areas to be planted. Your plant preferences and the effect you wish us to create will be key factors as will our assessment of the site and which plants will be suited to it. Our scaled plan will show the position and spacing of all the plants (including existing ones) and the design will be illustrated by photos of all the species we've chosen. Our plant schedule will list the plant names with quantities and sizes.

After discussing the scheme with you and making the revisions you request, we will source high quality plants from specialist nurseries and carry out the planting.

Building the Garden:- If landscaping work is required, we can issue specifications and oversee the tendering process or recommend a suitable contractor. We can provide construction drawings and, if you wish, supervise the project through to completion.

Sometimes only a few elements of this service will be needed - everything we do will be tailored to your requirements and budget.

A new planting scheme

A successful planting scheme can transform the least promising plot. It can also make a small garden look a lot bigger.

Our bespoke service is based on a careful assessment of both the site and your likes and dislikes. Whether you want to introduce a vibrant focal point of eye-catching shapes and colours or to plant out a border to complement what is already in the garden, our design experience will enable us to find the right plants for the conditions.

We'll suggest a planting plan indicating which plants should go where and how many would be needed in each grouping and we'll show you drawings/photos of the species we're recommending. Our plant schedule will list the plant names with quantities and sizes.

After discussing the scheme with you and making the revisions you request, we will source strong, healthy plants from specialist nurseries and carry out the planting.

Container planting

Nowadays there's more to choosing a container than deciding whether you can afford terracotta instead of plastic. There are almost as many containers to choose from as there are plants. We'll help you to select plants and containers suited to each other and to your budget to create the effect you desire. We'll then source them and do the planting.

A limited garden makeover

The value of improving the garden spaces of a home is widely recognised. When refurbishing the inside of a house, it is, of course, rarely necessary to knock everything down and start again - and it's the same outside. Dramatic improvements can be achieved economically by retaining the parts of the garden that work well and focusing on those that don't. Clearing overgrown areas and integrating them into the rest of the garden, for example, can make a huge difference.

Our expertise is not only employed in designing gardens. It is useful, for example, in making the most of children's play areas, balconies and shop frontages.

We can also source the garden buildings, furniture, containers and ornaments that might be needed to achieve the effect you desire.

Finally, we provide a garden maintenance service to ensure that your outdoor space continues to look its best and evolves into the garden you had in mind when you first called us.

Whichever service you require, we'll work very closely with you right from the free initial consultation at which we assess your garden and discuss what you want to make of it. As we work towards a result that not only meets your brief but is both functional and aesthetically appealing, we're driven by an appreciation of how important a small garden can be to its owner and how much pleasure can be derived from it.